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Live worksheets > inglés > English language > Past Continuous > Past progressive

Past progressive
practice past continous

ID: 733821
Idioma: inglés
Asignatura: English language
Curso/nivel: preintermediate
Edad: 18+
Tema principal: Past Continuous
Otros contenidos: past simple
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    Últimos comentarios

Lowryder49  9/22/2020  
However, you can edit the worksheet and add the answers if you need to use it as you say.
Lowryder49  9/22/2020  
Thank you for your comment. Here in Argentina, during this times of quarantine and emergency remote learning, we are strongly adviced not to mark students.Therefore to answer your question, the point is to practice, as my students work with workbooks I can modify everything and hide the grade when they finished.For those who don't work with workbook I can change the grade and qualify the open answers myself acoording to the possibilities within a communicative possibility. Open questions are better than closed and predetermined questions, as they explore language fully. Remember that closed and pre-set questions, or graded questions as you say, tend to give a poor motivation and it can be frustrating for a student who gets the same result even if they have worked harder than others. They are not obliged to answer, but they are encourage to do so in each class as part of their improvement for themselves not for their grades.
Mr_Medina  9/22/2020  
This activity is really rich with different practices for students. However, it is too long. It would be great if it was separated into 2 worksheets.
But a really bad problem is that only the first activity A and the second activity B are graded; all the rest are not. So, what's the point of having the students answer all these amount of exercises if they all won't count?

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