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Ficha interactiva France- currency
France- currency
por johangut

Ficha interactiva France- coded info
France- coded info
por johangut

Ficha interactiva France- city of our school
France- city of our school
por johangut

Ficha interactiva FRANCE6 mAIN RIVERS
por johangut

Ficha interactiva Localiza por número las piezas.
Localiza por número las piezas.
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Unir imágenes
Unir imágenes
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Une imágenes del mismo tamaño
Une imágenes del mismo tamaño
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Unir según tamaño
Unir según tamaño
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Unir formas con imagen
Unir formas con imagen
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Unir imagen y forma
Unir imagen y forma
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Une las formas
Une las formas
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Une las imágenes con su forma
Une las imágenes con su forma
por AntoniaOrtega

Ficha interactiva Connectors
por denisebixquert

Ficha interactiva Unscramble the words to form sentences
Unscramble the words to form sentences
por ignaciotrapero

Ficha interactiva Oihu-Loreak (KEN ZAZPI)
Oihu-Loreak (KEN ZAZPI)
por Andoni

Ficha interactiva Five senses 1
Five senses 1
por slakshme

Ficha interactiva Revision Passé Composé - Imparfait
Revision Passé Composé - Imparfait
por Ernie0678

Ficha interactiva Reading Practice 2
Reading Practice 2
por ELearning

Ficha interactiva FRANCE: capital city
FRANCE: capital city
por johangut

Ficha interactiva FRANCE: regions part 2
FRANCE: regions part 2
por johangut

Ficha interactiva French regions- part 1
French regions- part 1
por johangut

Ficha interactiva Neurria 1
Neurria 1
por joseba

Ficha interactiva Listening
por ELearning

Ficha interactiva Adjectives
por schumax

Tablero de mensajes

Magnetism  por slakshme  1/18/2019  
Hi Victor,

My warm greetings to you!

I am Ramya from India. I am teaching computers for autisitic children. Victor there is a worksheet titled called Magnetism - that is what are all the objects that gets stick in the magnet. I prepared this is ms-word and uploaded in liveworksheet. In ms-word I am able to tick the objects but could not do in liveworksheet after uploading. Is there a way to bring a tick mark for the objects in liveworksheet or shall I ask my students to type "yes" or "no" in the object name. I have uploaded one sample object metal coin.

Thank you!


  1 respuestas 

Consulta  por aferreras57  1/17/2019  
Si has cogido un pdf de una página y lo trabajas para tus alumnos, se puede compartir? o como la fuente no es propia no?
  1 respuestas 

Different teachers same students  por juditelucas  1/15/2019  
Hi, Victor.
First, many thanks for this website and for your own worksheets, they are lovely.
Secondly, a question: is it possible for a student to register under more than one teacher? And is it possible for a teacher to transfer his/her students to another teacher?
Happy 2019!
  2 respuestas 

Link issues  por mfox  1/11/2019  
I wanted to post the link to the liveworksheet on my website, but when I copied the LONG link and pasted it on my page, it didn't work. Any ideas?
  1 respuestas 

Añadir alumnos  por Ganivet4  1/6/2019  
Soy usuaria novata en este tu programa. Nos parece muy interesante y aunque el curso pasado solo hicimos algunas pruebas queremos crear las clases y empezar a utilizarlo de una forma más reglada.
Intento subir los alumnos y mi pregunta es...¿Hay que añadirlos uno a uno? No hay forma de subirlos con un archivo csv? Lo echo en falta, igual se puede y yo no veo la forma.
Ya veo que también se pueden registrar ellos pero preferiría hacerlo yo.
Un saludo.
  2 respuestas 

Problems  por Pecasher  1/5/2019  
Hi everyone,
I've just got started in this great siete. Thanks Víctor!. Unfortunatedly I have a problem. I have already created my noyebooks but I can 't assign students ti them. It keeps saying: There has been an error. Does anyone know why?.
  1 respuestas 

Remove worksheets   por maruli  1/3/2019  
Happy New Year!!!!
I'd like to remove some worksheets from a workbook.
How can I do it?
  1 respuestas 

feedback problems  por ahmedelizmiri  12/30/2018  
Hi Victor,

it seems like my feedbacks are shown for different pages too. For instance I circle somewhere in a worksheet and I see the circle on another worksheet of the same student. Have any idea why?
  1 respuestas 

Grading problem  por monsolma  12/30/2018  
Hi Victor! First of all, congratulations for this wonderful page, I love it!
I had never had any problems with it so far, but this last week, I've been loging in to see my students' work through notifications and all the worksheets my kids have been doing these days appear graded with a zero. Do you have any idea of what is happening? I didn't pay attention at the beginning, but now it's happening to more and more of my students so I think there must be a problem.

Thanks in advance,
Maria Dolores.
  1 respuestas 

Copies from books.  por karagozian  12/21/2018  
This fantastic site is now crowded with copies ! Or am I wrong Victor and just getting old and losing my sight ?!
  4 respuestas 

Accidentalment ddeleted a group   por margalle  12/13/2018  
I accidentally delted a group and all their records. I was hoping that you might have a magic button to put this all back in order (Group 3 margalle) Thanks
  1 respuestas 

word transformations  por tatam  12/11/2018  
Hello Victor;I noticed that some answers are sometimes correct but they are marked false.
  5 respuestas 

Re-Do exercises  por SlaterMJ  12/11/2018  
Victor, Hello! I have some completed exercises done by students and I would like them to do them again because their marks are low. I click on the re-do /return button, specify the time limit and click ok. But the form does not clear, no does the grade in red at the top left hand corner. Please help Regards
  1 respuestas 

eslprintables and  por Xandra10  12/3/2018  
I'm in shock! :(
Are these sites temporarily down or just for the time being? I've got a lot of online worksheets made there. Are they lost forever? -(feeling down emoji here)
  2 respuestas 

rewriting the worksheet  por sannap  11/30/2018  
Good day, Victor. My students tell me that after they rewrite the worksheet for the second time, the new mark doesn't remain. Is there really such a problem. Could you solve it?
  4 respuestas 

Quiz  por daniela_contarino  11/28/2018  
Perché non riceviamo il test sulla email ?
Perché non si ha la possibilità di salvare il file test?
  1 respuestas 

Recorded Voices  por mmkalaf  11/23/2018  
Hey Victor, thanks for this wonderful site. I use it all of the time. It's so nice not to have to print copies for my students. Thank you for your quick responses and suggestions. I would like to know if there is any way to change the voices for the recordings. My ESL students find it very difficult to understand what is being said. The words are quick and not very clear. It's so important for them to understand what is being said. Maybe there could be a way that we could upload our own voices. Just a suggestion. Either way, thank you!
  6 respuestas 

Join with arrows and percentage grading  por tundepasztor  11/20/2018  
Dear Victor!How can I make interactive worksheet if I would like touse the JOIN technic ? The coloured pencil does not want to appear, after I have the boxes written 'join1'Join5'' ? And my other question is concerning grading system, would not it be possible to print the acieved % by the student. It would be easier to give the grade. Many thank for you again and again!! Have a Nice day! Tunde Pasztor
  2 respuestas 

Google classroom  por margaritabrooks  11/19/2018  
Hola victor,
Estoy maravillada con tu página. a penas estoy aprendiendo. Me gustaria saber si puedo compartir mis hojas de trabajo atraves de Google Classroom o tengo que crear una página de internet?
  2 respuestas 

Game changer!!  por kelseyhallett  11/16/2018  
I just wanted to say thank you! This website is a game changer, and it is going to drastically improve my ability to scaffold for my EL students. THANK YOU!!
  1 respuestas 

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