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How can I have acess to the audios in the listening exercises?  por anapaula  6/21/2019  
There are many interesting listenings that I would like to use as part of a written test or just as a listening exercise, but when I download the worksheet I don't have access to the audio file. What do I have to do to solve this problem? Sometimes I can contact the person who has uploaded the worksheet because she/he has the same name as in the ESLPrintables, but sometimes he/she has another name and it's difficult to do that. Could they give the link or the site where we can find the audio?
Why can”t student do online workbook? the others can.  por woonsennarak3  6/20/2019  
I just wonder why this student can”t do the work in my workbook but the others can.
how many online assignments each day?  por karolsky  6/16/2019  
Hi Victor, amazing the site, I send you my most authentic compliments!
Unfortunately I don't speak English well, I apologize.
I have seen the different pay plans and I have not understood correctly: what is the maximum number of pages I could assign online to students with the teacher 250 plan? And with the free one?

Many thanks in advance for your reply and still heartfelt congratulations!
imprimir  por Hesione  6/12/2019  
como eu imprimo as atividades?
NEW: update background document and save as new file  por victor  6/5/2019  
Hello everybody!

Now it is possible to update the original document (background) when editing a published worksheet, just by clicking on the button that you can see in the image below.

Additionally, on saving we can choose to replace the existing worksheet or save as a new one. This can be useful to use a worksheet as a template to make other ones without effort. For example, my worksheets 21283, 21284 y 21285.

I hope you find it useful,


NUEVO: Actualizar documento y guardar como nueva ficha  por victor  6/5/2019  
¡Hola a todos!

A partir de ahora ya es posible cambiar el documento original (de fondo) al editar una ficha ya publicada, haciendo clic en el botón que indico en la imagen de abajo.

Además de esto, al guardar los cambios podemos elegir entre reemplazar la ficha existente o guardar como ficha nueva. Esto nos permite utilizar una ficha como plantilla para crear otras nuevas con menos esfuerzo, como por ejemplo en mis fichas 21283, 21284 y 21285.

Espero que os resulte útil.


No editing tools for typos  por yourfrenchtutors  6/3/2019  
Hello I love LIVEWORKSHEET. However, would it be possible to change the background document after editing in liveworksheet or the options to add some notes. Effectively, the issue is that if I see a typo in my document I have to redo the whole sheet. Does the feature exists? Thank you for the answer
adding students to send them activities  por betillo  6/2/2019  
greeting How can I add my students to my profile? Can you help me out?
Cambio de usuario  por PracticeMakesPerfect  6/2/2019  
Hola, Victor :)
Mandé un correo a [email protected] porque me
gustaría cambiar el usuario. ¿Podrías cambiármelo?
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