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Ficha interactiva Personal Information
Personal Information
por sueuk

Ficha interactiva Vobulary FCE- first stages of CAE
Vobulary FCE- first stages of CAE
por AMIA

Ficha interactiva Superlatives I
Superlatives I
por Darbonens

Ficha interactiva School Subjects - Listen and Choose
School Subjects - Listen and Choose
por victor

Ficha interactiva Role play - At the Clothes Shop
Role play - At the Clothes Shop
por sueuk

Ficha interactiva All tenses 7 (active voice)
All tenses 7 (active voice)
por makeover

Ficha interactiva Números 1-10
Números 1-10
por mkalin22

Ficha interactiva Independent and Dependent Variables-2
Independent and Dependent Variables-2
por ProfesorCorrales

Ficha interactiva Vocabulary - School subjects
Vocabulary - School subjects
por sueuk

Ficha interactiva a lot of lots of much few a few little a little
a lot of lots of much few a few little a little
por EnglishRoom

Ficha interactiva Pronunciation regular verbs in past - ed
Pronunciation regular verbs in past - ed
por lorenagarcia

Ficha interactiva Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner Lyrics
Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner Lyrics
por ProfesorCorrales

Ficha interactiva Personality and Character
Personality and Character
por MissLu

Ficha interactiva  days and months
days and months
por zizou

Ficha interactiva Drag and drop
Drag and drop
por mcollino

Ficha interactiva at the clothes shop
at the clothes shop
por Fermartin

Ficha interactiva Independent and Dependent Variables-3
Independent and Dependent Variables-3
por ProfesorCorrales

Ficha interactiva Past BE and Exitential Past
Past BE and Exitential Past
por zugarplum

Ficha interactiva New Test
New Test
por willcoxons

Ficha interactiva drag and drop numbers
drag and drop numbers
por mcollino

Ficha interactiva Minecraft Episode 4 LW1
Minecraft Episode 4 LW1
por yolgus

Ficha interactiva listen and choose numbers
listen and choose numbers
por mcollino

Ficha interactiva True or false - short i 2
True or false - short i 2
por mcollino

Ficha interactiva Drag and drop
Drag and drop
por mcollino

Tablero de mensajes

MULTIPLE CORRECT ANSWERS  por mtstudies2  9/18/2018  
Hello. I'd like to know if it is possible to have two or three correct answers in one gap, so whichever of the 2 or 3 possible answers they choose is accepted.
  1 respuestas 

Delete a page  por JennyD  9/18/2018  
Hi. Is there a way to delete a page from a workbook. I have put two pages the same in, and want to delete on. Cheers
  1 respuestas 

apostrophe  por zugarplum  9/15/2018  
I would like to ask my fellow collaborators to not use the apostrophe on their answers, unfortunately, when typing some use key with the sign on the keyboard with the "?" and some the key with the "¨" and that makes our students get confused. Please think about the community of learners and teachers that make use of your work.
  3 respuestas 

Multiple opción  por mcollino  9/14/2018  
Hola Victor! Realicé unas actividades de multiple opción. El problema es que cuando las inserto en la plataforma que utilizo, se desvían las opciones de respuesta. Te adjunto una imagen para que observes lo que me sucede. Gracias!
  1 respuestas 

Derechos de Autor  por yolgus  9/14/2018  
Hola Víctor, he diseñado algunas hojas de trabajo basándome en la información que da una página web. Incluyo en mi hoja de trabajo de dónde tomé la información para elaborar mi hoja de trabajo. Hay algún problema de Derechos de Autor? Este es el link de una de ellas
  2 respuestas 

grading options  por AlDy  9/13/2018  
Hi Victor.Is there any chance to add squares in "grading options"? I'm going crazy trying to adjust our system of grading to 10 points. Thank you.
  1 respuestas 

audio  por mmkalaf  9/10/2018  
Hi Victor: There's a problem with the audio. Every time I try to add the sound, it doesn't save the default and it only applies it to the first box, none of the other boxes. I clicked on the box that says set as default for the worksheet, but it didn't work.I have tried it several times and the same thing happens each time.
  1 respuestas 

Fraud  por estelle73  9/8/2018  
I discovered this site -which I think is great- a few minutes ago when I saw one of my worksheets on pinterest. I shared this worksheet for years on ESLprintables until last year when I decided to remove it to make some changes. As you can imagine I was VERY surprised when I saw it on the internet (liveworksheets) with a copyright (not mine!) under the name of some "ZIZOU" who simply added some squares and/or text boxes. Here's the link:
I still have the original Word file in my computer if needed. It's been great to share my work with other teachers for years, however I'd rather share it myself ...
Hope you can join this "ZIZOU" and remind him/her this file's not his/her - I couldn't find how to leave him/her a message.
Thanks in advance,
  1 respuestas 

Something wrong with the audio player?  por clc1234  9/5/2018  
Hi, Victor: the image in the previous message was the normal one. How can I change this back to the normal look? I really love your genius liveworksheets. I have been introducing this to many teachers here in Taiwan. Thank you very much. Chienling
  2 respuestas 

something wrong with the audio player?  por clc1234  9/5/2018  
Hi, Victor, I save a worksheet a year ago. I remembered it looked like this. Perfect for kids to work. But today I found it changed. I show the pictures in the following message.

last sentence messed up  por Oxana  9/5/2018  
Hi Victor. When I upload a document, the last sentence in the final product often turns out to be like this
  1 respuestas 

Videos incrustados  por mcollino  9/3/2018  
Hola! realicé actividades en las que incrusté videos de youtube. Cuando los incrusté, en las características del video en la página de youtube, seleccioné que no me muestre sugerencias de videos cuando finalice la reproducción. Sin embargo, cuando subo la actividad y visualizo los videos, si me aparecen las sugerencias. ¿Existe alguna forma de eliminarlas? Gracias.
  5 respuestas 

Problems with worksheets  por ESP27  8/27/2018  
Hi Victor, Thanks for this wonderful space

I have a problem with some of my worksheets, when students send their answers there seems to be a mistake since they have the actual answers but they are wrong. What can I do? I already checked the spelling in the worksheet and activities and there's no mistake, I mean students have the correct answers but it doesn't appear as a correct answer.

Thank for your help
  1 respuestas 

finished worksheet question  por mmkalaf  8/25/2018  
I have finished and saved a worksheet. Is it possible to make changes on the actual worksheet once it has been saved?
  1 respuestas 

doesn't work  por Oxana  8/24/2018  
Hi, Victor
my audio exercises still don't work properly in CHROME. work only in SAFARI. can it be fixed? thank you
  5 respuestas 

doesn't work  por Oxana  8/23/2018  
Hi, Victor. I created two workbooks. they worked for two days and now don't. all exercises are messed up. audio doesn't work, the pencil to join the words doesn't work. how to fix it?
  3 respuestas 

Realizar worksheets un número de veces  por Darbonens  8/23/2018  
Buenos días Víctor.
Te quería preguntar si cabría la posibilidad de realizar las hojas de trabajo un número limitado de veces por alumno; es decir, si el alumno finaliza una actividad que no pueda volver a repetirla una vez corregida para no hacer trampa.
Muchas gracias por la web y tu trabajo.
  1 respuestas 

maths   por sudhaiyer0  8/23/2018  
Hi victor,
Since I am new just wanted to know cant we create match the following .
  2 respuestas 

My liveworksheet doesn't work  por yolgus  8/20/2018  
Hi Victor,
I'm new here and I followed the tutorial instructions but i think i'm doing something wrong because my liveworksheet doesn't work. I tried the "join with arrows" and "drag and drop" and none of them worked. Please, help me. Thanks!
  2 respuestas 

Stolen Worksheet  por estherlee76  8/17/2018  
Hi Victor,

One of today's worksheets comes from Teachers Pay Teachers. If you PM me, I'll give you the exact web address.

  1 respuestas 

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