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Live worksheets > inglés > English language > Adjectives > Adjective: Match the words and the pictures

Adjective: Match the words and the pictures
II. Use the adjectives in the box to fill in the sentences below.
easy hot old weak rich dangerous new

1. Do you see that ___________ man sitting over there? He must be 100 years old.
2. She is very ___________. She has a lot of money and houses.
3. It is very ____________ to travel at night.
4. It is ___________ in here. Can you turn on the air conditioner please?
5. I just bought a __________ television because the old one didn’t work anymore.
6. The exam is really __________. All students get 100 score.
7. John was a _________ baby and died at the age of 4.

ID: 1412938
Idioma: inglés
Asignatura: English language
Curso/nivel: 1
Edad: 3-16
Tema principal: Adjectives
Otros contenidos: adjective
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