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Live worksheets > inglés > English as a Second Language (ESL) > There is - there are > There is - there are

There is - there are
A worksheet to practice "there is", "there are" "there isn't" and "there aren't", and some vocabulary related to the furniture and the food.

ID: 601
Idioma: inglés
Asignatura: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Curso/nivel: Elementary
Edad: 9+
Tema principal: There is - there are
Otros contenidos: there is, there are, there isn't, there aren't, furniture, food
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 Papel ahorrado: 9505 hojas
 Nota media: 6/10
 Mejor nota: 10/10.

Copyright 3/3/2017 Víctor Gayol. La publicación o redistribución de cualquier parte de este documento está prohibida sin la autorización del autor




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VictoriaB2016  3/3/2017  
awesome! It is so useful! Thanks dear Victor!
karagozian  3/3/2017  
Excellent as usual. Beautiful And useful. I need to train And exercise to try to do as Well as you. A real challenge. As soon as i Have some more time i'll try to make a ws based on sound. Even the tel low frames or à mystery to me. Thanks Victor. You are amazing!
kohai  3/4/2017  
Fully agree with previous comments!:-) Thanks a lot!
nguyenatom  3/6/2017  
Fantastic! How cool you are! How to embed sound files in the docx?
Aathnaa  4/2/2017  
thanks alot
caicedoadri  4/17/2017  
Great material, thanks Victor!!!
JACONATAJOSE  4/26/2017  
Thanks my Students will ever thank you
HUGH_07  5/8/2017  
Lunita  5/11/2017  
Thanks a lot
perrchri  5/18/2017  
Many thx! That's really helpful!
tranhong18031991  6/20/2017  
how do I dowload test??? Can I????
victor  6/20/2017  
Yes, you can download. Just click "download docx file", on top of the worksheet.
Wallie49  6/23/2017  
Love the worksheet! Thank you so much :-)
traudilucia  6/26/2017  
It's fantastic! Thanks dear Victor!
classeitalianoelementare  6/27/2017  
Awesome, excellent work!!! =).
vinhjim  7/12/2017  
Thanks for your document. That's amazing! How can I download the exercise 3 with the audio files?
aledevai  8/17/2017  
thank you. It's excellent
teacher_jorge  9/19/2017  
Wonderful exercises. Thanks a lot Victor.
amndr  9/20/2017  
you are Excellent
Ioana  10/5/2017  
Very intersting, cool and entertaining exercises!!! Thanks a lot to the author!
gulaiym  10/18/2017  
Thank you! So helpful
didikp744  11/1/2017  
Fantastic! How cool you are! How to embed sound files in the docx?
didikp744  11/1/2017  
Great material, thanks Victor!!!
Naddou68  11/3/2017  
Wow!thx for sharing
meryn21  11/8/2017  
Thankyou Victor, your worksheets are great
MrAxu  11/20/2017  
Awesome. Many thanks
Koloma  12/3/2017  
Thank you! It's great!
tdemirezen  12/5/2017  
excellent worksheets , thanks a lot.
luisangbes  1/6/2018  
Thanks Víctor!
Simon645  1/9/2018  
It's fantastic!
Magdalenaedu  2/19/2018  
Really good piece of work! Escellent to practice. Thanks:)
Saren  4/5/2018  
Thank you so much. That's wonderful.
Oli  4/17/2018  
Looks and sounds excellent ! Thank you for sharing!
Kachi  5/23/2018  
thanks a lot!
serjoliveira  6/6/2018  
Very good. I loved it!
thaopham1302  7/2/2018  
Please help me, how can I download the audio? Thanks.
thuyleenglishforkids  7/25/2018  
It's sooooo interesting and useful. Great job. Many thanks!!!
saritakhatri  8/13/2018  
Thank you so much for such a wonderful worksheet.
maricrane  9/25/2018  
Thank you very much!
Chilis  10/2/2018  
Great!! Thanks a lot
ingrid1412  10/16/2018  
It is great! How could I get the audios about true or false?
victor  10/30/2018  
The audios are not downloadable.
It only works online.
unyarat  11/9/2018  
Thank you.
pajustpa  11/21/2018  
awsome. thank you so so much
KCKemigawa  11/30/2018  
It's great!! Thank you!
Sissi26  1/31/2019  
Many thanks! It will be very useful... Well done as well :-)
Makiyato  2/2/2019  
Thank you sooo much:)
gulo  2/9/2019  
Victor you are awesome. I benefit so much from your slides, thank you!
fthklnccc  2/25/2019  
Awesome worksheet. Thanks dear Victor
manuru  3/7/2019  
Excellent!Thanks a lot!
jemal  3/16/2019  
RobsonSouza  3/31/2019  
Thank you very much !
clau0012  4/8/2019  

nishy  4/10/2019  
Thanx Victor!!
Licaldeirasuzana  4/22/2019  
Great work! thank you!
HANYMOON  4/26/2019  
I do not agree with the sentence 7th o exercise 2, Are there any lemon in the fridge? If you look closely to the door, under the carrot, the two rounded fruit could be a lemon.
HANYMOON  4/26/2019  
but anyway, I simply loved this activity!! Congrats
musbika  4/29/2019  
I downloaded the pdf file, but cant get access to the audio document. How do I get that
Cariboo  6/29/2019  
Thanks a lot !
htai  8/26/2019  
Many thanks.

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