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Live worksheets > inglés > English as a Second Language (ESL) > The family > Family test

Family test
A test with family vocabulary and verb to be and to have got for one of my special students.

ID: 381
Idioma: inglés
Asignatura: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Curso/nivel: elementary
Edad: 8-10
Tema principal: The family
Otros contenidos: family, to have got, to be, possessive determiners, school objects
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 Papel ahorrado: 1426 hojas
 Nota media: 5/10
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Copyright 2/1/2017 Maria Afonso. La publicación o redistribución de cualquier parte de este documento está prohibida sin la autorización del autor




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victor  2/1/2017  
Good work! Very useful and complete!
It seems that the second mp3 is corrupted. Could you edit the worksheet and upload it again? If the problem continues please tell me. Thanks a lot!
clarinha  2/2/2017  
Thank you Victor. I think the mp3 is OK now.
asungilsanz  2/4/2017  
Thanks for this great work!
kohai  2/5/2017  
Well done. Thank you!
karagozian  2/7/2017  
Waouwh !!!
missmaureen  4/16/2017  
excellent! thanks. I might use it but without some contents
YamirAlvarado  6/7/2017  
Excellent work!! :3
Samiabibo  11/26/2017  
Excellent workk Thanks a lot for sharing
vladgorgi  6/9/2018  
Thank you!
vladgorgi  6/9/2018  
Thank you!
kruthong2004  7/23/2018  
Thank you. It's very useful worksheet.
mifta268  10/9/2018  
how to download the audio? anyone can help? please
irka_trencheva  10/14/2018  
Thank you for sharing! :)
silvanamissenglish  11/9/2018  
HI EVERYONE!!! I am from Argentina and I`m a teacher! the worksheets are so useful for my classes!!! I`ve found the audios from this worksheet. Enjoy it!http://www.carmenlu.com/first/listening/listening/InsideOutBeg/IOut1-33.mp3
mmkalaf  3/23/2019  
Awesome and thorough. You have a mistake on the school items. It says pencil sharpener under the pencil case. Also, the matching for have got and has got is difficult to know which have or has got to draw the line. Because there are several of the same options. Other than that, I love this worksheet!!!!

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