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Live worksheets > inglés > English as a Second Language (ESL) > Irregular verbs > Irregular verbs wordsearch

Irregular verbs wordsearch
This is a worksheet to practice basic irregular verbs. Students have to find the simple past of the verbs in the word search puzzle.

ID: 11312
Idioma: inglés
Asignatura: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Curso/nivel: Pre-intermediate
Edad: 10+
Tema principal: Irregular verbs
Otros contenidos: Simple past
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R123  9/3/2021  
after subbmiting this workshet we can touch the alphebet
so it is not right for my children
Dawei  8/25/2021  
that's hard :0
susy102021  5/21/2021  
LucyOliva  3/4/2021  
Helen7  12/8/2020  
Great! Thanks a lot!
silviagimenez  7/28/2020  
thanks you so much!!
sdiaz  6/5/2020  
Rchiarelli  6/3/2020  
This amazing web site has made all the difference for both myself as a teacher and my students. I was struggling trying to create fillable worksheets using slides, surveys and quizzes for may ESL students. Thanks so very much to all who have created, updated and uploaded to this site! If I am able to create any, I too will share! This is what all school boards should be offering their teachers and students.
elharal  5/26/2020  
I can't find the words to say how grateful I am for this amazing site and the chance we have to create and share activities for our students at such hard times we are going through. I had no idea about the site, but now I feel that I'll be addicted to it as long as I am a teacher. Needless to say that your worksheets are splendid!Thanks a lot again!Greetings from Greece!
Cariboo  10/24/2018  
You do an amazing job for this fabulous site and you find time to post some great work.
Thanks for all this !

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