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Ficha interactiva Vocabulary unit 2 wec3

Vocabulary unit 2 wec3
Ficha interactiva Ege 2020 var 2

Ege 2020 var 2
por mngtutor
Ficha interactiva Chestionar

por RodicaBraghis
Ficha interactiva Present simple revision

Present simple revision
Ficha interactiva Letter S sound

Letter S sound
por TeacherMills
Ficha interactiva Ibadah

por mariammahamadum
Ficha interactiva Partir y repartir en partes iguales

Partir y repartir en partes iguales
por iarafernandez
Ficha interactiva Adição

por gmmdourado
Ficha interactiva LA cre inf

LA cre inf
por BeatrizPE
Ficha interactiva Giving Change

Giving Change
por Cazobi
Ficha interactiva Prepositions of place and furniture

Prepositions of place and furniture
por cunliffe
Ficha interactiva CEG Unit 89

CEG Unit 89
por DanielHernandez08
Ficha interactiva Let's Play - Adjective

Let's Play - Adjective
por AishaBee
Ficha interactiva Crucipuzzle Inglese

Crucipuzzle Inglese
por Ausilioteca
Ficha interactiva Revision units 2 and 3

Revision units 2 and 3
por parodimelisa
Ficha interactiva Song: I am feeling good

Song: I am feeling good
por missandreacusme
Ficha interactiva Doppie: ascolta e trascrivi

Doppie: ascolta e trascrivi
por afterschool
Ficha interactiva Vocabulario Inglés (casa)

Vocabulario Inglés (casa)
por Evasalas
Ficha interactiva Guia 30

Guia 30
por Mile409
Ficha interactiva Spotlight 4 класс Module 6

Spotlight 4 класс Module 6
por OlgaBykova
Ficha interactiva Modal perfect

Modal perfect
por NatassaPapanikolaou
Ficha interactiva By-for + ing

By-for + ing
por constanzateacher
Ficha interactiva Missing Vowel

Missing Vowel
por epadilla8
Ficha interactiva Les aliments - drag and drop

Les aliments - drag and drop
por SiobhanLunn



How to delete a worksheet  por eacesol  7/13/2020  
I have managed (somehow??) to save 2 copies of the same worksheet in my account. How can I delete a copy? Thanks
Checking answers  por anastasial  7/13/2020  
Hello everyone,
It's a great website, indeed. I'm still learning how to use it though. Do you know how to see correct answers if I used a task uploaded by another teacher? Are there any answer keys?
audio  por timeforlunch  7/12/2020  
Hi everybody! really interesting and useful website! I have just discovered it... can't open the audio , though... Help, please!!
Errors in WS text  por GarethRelph  7/11/2020  
I am new to this website and have only viewed a few worksheets. I am noticing errors on worksheets that are not editable. For example: You cannot have a sausage in a plate, a sausage can be on a plate.
Mom should be replaced with mother, Too Americanised.
Sneakers? Only America again. Training shoes or trainers for short in most countries.
Trabajos de alumnos borrados  por MissCeciliaBaratto  7/11/2020  
Hay alguna manera de recuperar trabajos borrados?No sabia que se borraban después de un mes y no los guarde.
Yotube views are now counting from embedded video views  por kram52271  7/10/2020  
I have created live worksheets to complement my Youtube videos. I have run some tests and it seems like if the video is viewed via the embedded video on the worksheet it does not count as a view.It is super important for me to have the views/watch time count. Is there a way around this? besides embedding the video on my own site independently of the worksheet?
STOLEN WORKSHEETS  por rmartinandres1  7/10/2020  
I have found one of my worksheets on Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.es/pin/220254238014389935/) but surprisingly the author is not me. It's a member of this site. According to the terms of use, an uploader, MariaL2020 in this case, mustn't use other author's worksheets. Here you are the link of the real author: https://en.islcollective.com/english-esl-worksheets/grammar/gerunds-and-infinitives/verbs-followed-gerund-or-infinitive/83903
Please delete it.
SENT ANSWERS TO EMAIL  por xxnakke  7/10/2020  
Does this platform take more time than a normal email to send the results of a live work students were doing?
the answers in some WS are wrong  por Liligirl  7/10/2020  
Hi! What should we do if we find the wrong answers of someone else ? There are lovely WS but I can't assign since they are wrong. I have contacted the author but I got no answers.
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